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Pointing Labrador Breeder - Hunting

Oakleaf Labs  has been a cornerstone of the Pointing Lab culture for 4 generations of dogs. We have resently moved from Colorado to Kansas for family reasons.  We have had Labrador puppies  for hunting for over thirty years.  We are a small licensed breeder of AKC Pointing Labs.  These pups are smart and make great gun dogs.


Labs of many colors

We raise all colors of Pointing Labs: Silvers, Charcoals, Blacks, Chocolates, all variations of Yellow including Ivories and Champagne Labrador  Puppies.   We breed for traits and personality first then color.  With Hunting pedigrees. 


Natural Point

Ultimate all around dog.   Although we can't guarantee hunting or pointing the genetics have given the dogs natural instincts to carry it through,  Our Goal is to produce great hunting dogs that families can enjoy.  Our puppies have hunted upland birds and turned around and retrieved ducks.  They are smart.   Some of the dogs end up as companion dogs or service dogs as well.  

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