Females Labradors

Browning- retired

Chocolate Pointing Labrador

She loves to play fetch and swim.  She is always hunting something, It has happened on occasions when hunting on her own to bring me a live rabbit.  She has a soft mouth and has a wonderful personality.  Great mom. 


Yellow/White Pointing Labrador

Kimber is our smallest female.  But boy is she fast.  She is almost white. Her hair is a little heavier then a few others but it is soft.  She is trained to hunt and loves it.  She loves water and go straight to the pond to cool off when she can.  Fetch is her favorite game if its not the real thing which when she locks on a bird it is hers.


Yellow pointing lab in Kansas

 Colt just had her first litter which she had blacks charcoals and silvers .  She  is birdy and is fun to watch in the field.  She always has something in her mouth if she can and her nose is to the ground all the time. She has made a wonderful mother


Yellow pointing Labrador Kansas

Ari is  the mother of BB and Colt.  She Has produced multiple pointing labs several participating in the APLA.    She loves to  run and is always looking for something wherever she is .   She is a great mother and has a lot of natural instincts .  Her grandfather was Bo bear point who leads back to several champion Pointing Labs.