Portuguese Water Dog and Porti-Labs

Splash/Kimber Porti-Labs 10/26

This mostly black litter has 3 girls and 1 boy available.  We are accepting deposits on them.  They will be ready at Christmas time.  Two great breeds.  Depending on which article you read and believe there is a strong possibility that Labs might of had some Portuguese Water Dogs in their ancestry.  Out of a Male PWD and Female Lab both AKC.  We hunt with the female.  By breeding the two breeds you can get some of the same benefits as Labradoodles.  PWD are a non shedding dog.   $1200

Up and coming AKC PWD end of January

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies.  PWD puppies.  
Adult PWD.

This will be a litter of River and Splash.  Both are about 40 pounds AKC Portuguese Water dogs.  They will more then likely be mostly black with the traditional white markings.  Taking $200 deposit for pick order by gender.