Stud Dogs

Ruger RIP

Black Pointing Labrador

RIP miss this guy .....Ruger out of Lankas Labs Rebel X Oakleaf Labs Benelli.  He is a silver factored Black. Weighs about 80 Pounds.  He comes from a long line of Pointing Labs on both sides.  

Oakleaf Labs Maxium

Charcoal Pointing Labrador

Max is out of Ruger X Browning.  This Charcoal male loves the water and hunting.  He has been on birds and love its.  He is about 75-80 pounds. 

Oakleaf Labs Red Ryder

Red is out of Lankas Labs Hunting Machine.   His grandfather was a fox red Lab.  He is a tall athletic male  could handle most any bird.  He has a lot of natural instincts.  He is Young and yet to reach his full potential,